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Sea transport

ETL-RUS offers maritime traffic for any types of freight: including dangerous, fragile, veterinary cargos, as well as freights requiring certain temperature conditions.

Rail freight traffic

Our company provides export, import and transit cargo traffic in railcars, as well as rented, separate sea and railway containers of 20’ and 40’ feet.

Warehousing services

In warehouse in Vilnius on the management of company WS Solutions qualified specialists provide the warehousing services.

Supply-chain management

The company ETL-RUS provides an innovative development of a supply chain. The supply-chain management services are provided to the industrial sector, providing the competence, knowledge of personnel and the resources and instruments of a supply chain.

Customs services

Customs brokers and the declarants of ETL-RUS provides successful course of custom's procedures according to the application on behalf of a customer or provides consultations and assist the customer to prepare for the customs' procedures.


ETL-RUS offers a full range of travel services for you and your business.

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