Supply-chain management

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Supply-chain managementThe company ETL-RUS provides an innovative development of a supply chain. The supply-chain management services are provided to the industrial sector, providing the competence, knowledge of personnel and the resources and instruments of a supply chain. The supply-chain management includes the complex analysis, shaping, technologies and consultations. All services are oriented on optimization of logistic processes both regarding the process and strategy and cut according to the commercial requirements of a customer:

  • Consultations of strategic logistics;
  • Provision of logistics;
  • Optimization of transport;
  • Optimization and restructuring;
  • Project implementation and management;
  • Process management

We cooperate with our customers to calculate the efficiency of the supply chain. One of the main goals is to evaluate the cost efficiency in a provision of optimization.


ETL-RUS manages projects with the following stages:

  • Offer: the formal beginning with a project;
  • Shaping: agreement on the project’s content and process;
  • Planning: a detailed plan is developed;
  • Completion: transfer of the supply content is prepared;
  • Transfer: formal completion of the project.

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