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Customs servicesCustoms brokers and the declarants of ETL-RUS provides successful course of custom’s procedures according to the application on behalf of a customer or provides consultations and assist the customer to prepare for the customs’ procedures:

  • Preparing of the necessary documents on customs clearance and declarations;
  • Application of the customs procedures established by the laws and regulations;
  • Calculation of taxes;
  • Payment of tax balance;
  • Customer’s representation in the customs’ office;
  • Customs brokerage services;
  • Completing the TIR CARNET, CMR;
  • Preparing of Intrastat reports;
  • Changing the cargo owner in the customs’ territory, as well as preparing of a new commercial invoice;
  • Consultations regarding the customs’ legislation

In cooperation with the insurance companies, we also offer the cargo insurance services to save your time and make your business safer!